About Us

Macarthur Tree and Excavations have been around for 30 years, serving the Macarthur, Campbelltown and Camden community.

As a family owned and operated tree and excavation company, we understand the importance of providing outstanding customer service and maintaining a excellent reputation.

Today, we have an extensive range of machinery including 5.5 tonne excavators to 22 tonne excavators with all attachments.

Our experience is vast with tree removal and excavation being the core of our business for the last 30 years. Having worked on properties both small and large, understanding topography and environmental impact has allowed us to expand into farm dams, rock walls and retaining walls.

Our equipment also includes state of the art excavator mulcher, woodchippers and trucks making tree removal, tree clean up and land clearing a breeze.

Speak with one of our friendly team today on 0413 310 417