Clearing and Preparing For Rock Falls in Sydney

Rock falls can be hazardous for any excavations necessary. If you are living in Sydney, rock falls can present a hazard to any of excavations that may need t be conducted.

Perhaps you donít even know what rock falls are and why you should care. Well, one thing is for certain, if you are conducting any excavations in areas where there are surrounding cliffs, cliff faces, dam construction, then rock falls are a very real possibility.

A rockfall is any fragments or blocks of rock that fall from a cliff in a downward trajectory. They can be in blocks, fragments, and can bounce or slide down the cliff face. So you can see how they can be hazardous, especially when conducting any sort of excavations.

This is why you need to consider the risk of rock falls. If you are planning on conducting or if you need excavation work done in Sydney, then rock falls are something that you need to take into consideration.

This is a very real risk especially when you take into consideration the nature of any excavations that need to be conducted. Imagine that a dam is being dug out and there are rocks up above. You can see how this would be a problem if they then feel down. It poses risk of injury to anyone nearby and needs to be left to professionals to take care of.

Imagine that there are trees in a high above area, such as a cliff face. Those trees will need to be removed. When they are cut down they disrupt the land that they are in, this is an actual causal mechanism of rock falls. Just another reason why you need professionals when conducting this kind of work.

Once any rock falls have happened they are going to be cleared away. You are going to need bulldozers and various other heavy machinery to achieve such a monumental task. So, if you are living in Sydney, rock falls may be a hazard in certain areas. Contact the crew at Macarthur Tree and Excavations.