Getting A Retaining Wall in Sydney

Have you ever thought about getting a retaining wall for your Sydney home before?

There are a number of reasons why you should consider getting a retaining wall. There are a number of benefits that come by having one. If you have a garden then there is a strong chance that having a retaining wall in place may suit you.

There are two reasons in particular why you would want a retaining wall. One is that you may wish to add an extra visual element to your garden. A retaining wall can add extra decoration to your garden that will really make it stand out to any onlookers.

Second reason why you’d want one is because they allow you to restrain soil on any areas of garden space that are unstable or at an awkward slope. Having a retaining wall will allow you to create a separate level where there is a slope so as to make use of the full garden space.

Types of Retaining Walls

This naturally leads on to the two types of retaining walls one can get. You can get two types which each serve their own unique purpose:

  • Functional retaining walls
  • Decorative retaining walls

The type of retaining walls in Sydney that you will need for your home depends entirely on what you will need it for. If you are looking to add that extra visual element, that will make people take notice of your garden, then adding a decorative retaining wall is what you will need. They can even be sculpted to achieve a particular look you are after. For example you can even have your retaining wall sculpted so that there are seats in it.

The functional type of retaining wall is what you will need if you are looking to support a path or driveway, or keep soil restrained in your garden where there is an unnatural slope. This is much more of a structural type of retaining wall compared to the decorative one.

There is more than that to know about retaining walls. Sydney has some beautiful homes with gardens. If you want to spice up yours with a retaining wall get in touch with Macarthur Tree and Excavations.